Video Design

What we do ?

Logo Intro/Reveal

Get the entrancing look of  Unwrap or reveal for your logo done with premium standard through amazing videos.


We make alluring portfolio videos for you.Show your portfolio with engaging videos.Standout from other with own portfolio and grab audience.

Youtube Channel

We help you to optimise your youtube channel  through video editing,banner designs,attractive thumbnail and maintenance.


We are expertised in making conceptual videos and creative advertisement promotional videos for your business or profile.Be unique on your way.

Event Launch

Amazing videos for your inaugural,opening ceremony,event promotions,yearly achievements and digital promotional videos can be done with best quality.

Product Promo

Production promotion plays a vital role in sales and marketing.Choose us and get your products promoted to the maximum with charismatic videos.

Why Video Design / Marketing ?

  • Attractive

  • Self explanatory

  • Social Sharing

  • Max Conversion

  • Engaging

Why Blueink ?

Other Videos

Website Promo

Portfolio Promo

Event Short Promo

Logo Intro

Logo Reveal

Portfolio Promo

Portfolio Promo


Frequently asked questions to our team regarding Videos.

1. How do you get the video file output ?

You will receive the video file through Mail, Drive link, Weshare or flash drive.

3. What are the steps followed ?

Plan - Organise - Edit - Refine - Share

5. How can I get lead from video ?

Video marketing will fetch more audience and audience may convert on marginal scale with respect to your profile and other factors.

2. What are the tools you use ?

We use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier Pro for our exclusive video editing works.

4. How long do I get support ?

Our support will be extended until the purpose of the video or the requirement of the client is statisfied or completed.

6. Do you charge for revisions ?

Limited revisions are allowed once it exceeds its limit then it is charged accordingly for the corrections.