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Blueink creations


 Ideas are greatly stimulated by the process of transformation.Converting things from one form or medium into another can guide thoughts in totally new and exciting directions. 


According to the timely changes in fashion and customer opinions, the need for upgrading your logo is necessary and this leads to evolution.


Brand is where it gives meaning and may have details of slogan or tagline.Motive is determined.

Brand Identity

Brand identity deals with typography, colour codes and comprises of elements of logo.


This gives purpose of design or some hidden details behind the logo.Its not mandatory to have detailing.


This format is considered for extra support areas if main model logo does not suit the purpose.


Combination of main and alternative colours for logo.This serves for the purpose of usage for logo.

Logo | Icon

Logo is full defined format of identity.Icon will serve for scalable purpose which has its own significance.


These are type formats that we give as outcome according client needs.Each serves its purpose.


RGB & CMYK defines the colour which is more important in design.The RGB is good in digital and CMYK will do better in printing.


Its the first look of how the design will work for the client and their customers. It is also the realisation of your brand vision. Making an accurate mockup is important because it shows the exact placement of logo.

Business Card

Business card is mini showcase of your brand and help people remember you.This is one of the finest of traditional marketing.


The themed logos are showcased for all occasions which includes big events like Christmas, New year,Valentine’s day to simple events like Earth day, Corporate parties, etc.

Established Brand Endorsements

Here are exclusive brand endorsements for design showcase !


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These gives you how to pitch a brand and some basics of website.

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