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A card giving identifying data about a person, as full name, address, age often containing a photograph for use as identification.

A document containing a certified statement especially as to the truth of something specifically.

sticker is a small piece of paper or plastic, with writing or a picture on one side, which you can stick onto a surface.

A cover material which is used for presenting or protecting the products which is also marketing material.

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Frequently asked questions to our team regarding Stationery.

ID card rate differs upon the count and orders.We are also taking bulk orders for institutions.

Yes we can also print your certificates depending upon your orders.

Die cut stickers,Single cut stickers,Shape stickers,Border cut sticker,Transparent stickers can be taken for orders.

Danglers are hanging signage that is "dangled" from the ceiling of stores.Danglers with customized design are an effective tool to Market Company.

Yeah, we also do envelopes and notepads.Billbooks also can taken for orders.